Hey there!! It's nice you've taken time to get to know me! I hope this leads to fun connections and friendships down the road! :)

To start, I have been doing photography since my senior year of high school in 2016 when I was asked to be the yearbook editor-in-chief. I bought my first DSLR and shot SO many events that year. Despite not knowing much beforehand, it was FUN!
I quickly grew to love capturing moments!

About the Photographer

I'm so glad you are here!

Since then, I have served a mission for my church, graduated with my bachelor's degree from USU (I studied marketing and entrepreneurship), and have started my photography business - going full time at the beginning of 2021. 
It has been a fun, bumpy, & beautiful ride.

I married my sweetheart, Travis in October of 2020 and he (and God) has been my #1 support from the very beginning!

We live in Cache Valley and love the small town life.

A few random facts about me:
- Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.
- Horse rides, road trips, and hikes with my hubby are my fav pass times!
- Fall is my favorite season! Those leaves tho!!
- We have a border collie named Leonard and he is the sweetest doggo you could ask for!
- I grew up on a small farm & moved pipe and hauled hay every summer, all summer long!

I've also taken many courses and continuously invest in new learning experiences so I'm always improving as your photographer! ♥️ 

The Cache Valley mountains in the spring, covered in wildflowers??
- Heck to the yes!! -
You really can't beat these Sound of Music vibes can you?!

Zion's National Park is an adventurer's DREAM. There's so many places to explore, and breathtaking hiking views as well.
White, gorgeous wedding dresses on the red rock just looks seriously cool.

The Spiral Jetty is so unique.
The rock formation is cool all by itself, but then - when you walk all the way out to the water you'll see it's pink!
This is because there's certain algae that grows at this side of the Salt Lake to make it have that color!

Snow capped mountains w/a lake in the middle = a winter's dream for bridals or engagements.
Yes, it is cold.
But yes, it is also so so worth it.

Favorite Shoot Locations


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