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Robin Kunzler's Business has expanded and she's so excited to have McCaslin Zilles on her team to serve everyone better!!

What is an associate? This is a photographer who trains under me, and can photograph weddings how I would, while providing the same experience, and quality. The photos are returned to me to edit - so you get your photos back with the same style and consistency.

About My Associate -
Meet McCaslin!

Meet my Associate Photographer!

McCaslin has been doing photography for over 7 years. She found her love for photography in high school when friends came to her asking to take photos for them.

Since then, she has continued to photograph and has fallen deeply in love with capturing your love story through her lens.

I 100% trust her, and if I'm already booked for your wedding date, or you're looking for a more budget friendly option, you won't go wrong with McCaslin.


Mccaslin's Portfolio

Mccaslin's Portfolio

Mccaslin's Portfolio

Mccaslin's Portfolio


Mccaslin's Portfolio

Mccaslin's Portfolio


Mccaslin's Portfolio

Maddie Michaelson, bride

Paige Bennett, Bride

"Only the best goes for Robin and her team!! They are amazing at what they do. I got my bridals done with them and they were stunning :)) they we super generous with time at the shoot. They were happy to schedule with me even with all sorts of crazy things haha. McCaslin it's a wizard with her camara! She knew exactly what to do, how to have us be, best spots, angles, everything! Edits turned out amazing! I'm so pleased with their work."

A few random facts about McCaslin:
- I LOVE cows & cactus!
- Country Music is my favorite and I'm self proclaimed as Garth Brooks & Morgan Wallen's biggest fan.
- Spending time outdoors, and doing Jigsaw Puzzles is what I loves doing w/my free-time.
- When I am at home I almost always have a blanket on me - no matter the temperature or season.
- Ice Cream is my favorite & I challenge you to find someone who loves
it more than me!

I was always taught to find what you love to do, excel in that, and do it everyday for the rest of your life! I love photography - I have
spent countless hours (and still continue) taking classes, learning, and improving my photo skills to best serve you!

My family has helped me to get to the point I am at today. I married my sweetheart, Ryan, in 2021 and we had our first child, Olivia, in 2022. I served a mission in Albuquerque, NM. My faith is a big part of who I am, and I currently live in Montpelier, Idaho, and love being so close to Bear Lake. 

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