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Romantic First Look Session And Outdoor Bridal Portraits | Lucy & Logan


October 27, 2022

When it comes to wedding photography, most couples prefer to do their formals on their wedding day. But one couple, Lucy and Logan, wanted something a liiiittle different, which was just fine with me! So, we ended up doing their romantic first look session and outdoor bridal portraits in the country mountains, and it was so much fun!

The Couple

When Lucy and Logan met at Utah State University three years ago, they hit it off. Becoming best friends over time, the two bonded over their shared love of laughter and kindness.

While getting to know them, I could tell they constantly brought light into each other’s lives. They were such a delightful couple, and it was heart-warming to see how much they cared about each other, whether it was on their wedding day or the private photoshoot beforehand.

Helping Out

Before Lucy and Logan’s wedding day, I helped scout out the location for their first look session and outdoor bridal portraits. They wanted to do these photos in a quiet, intimate setting surrounded by nature, so it was important to find a good place that fit their needs. Lucy suggested this particular location, and I have wanted to shoot here for awhile. I also know what to look for to make these sessions really come to life, and I just enjoy helping out! As a wedding photographer, I know not everyone likes to do their formals/bridals with friends and family around. It can be a little chaotic and overwhelming, so I’m happy to help anyone who’s looking for something different. Plus, it gives us more time to get the shots the couple is looking for.

The First Look Session

Before the outdoor bridal portraits, it was time for the first look. A first look is a big moment for a bride and groom. It’s a moment that only happens once, so it’s important to get it right on the first try. 

Knowing this, I helped Lucy and Logan get set up. I even brought a changing tent so Lucy’s dress would be a secret right up until the very last moment. And when she turned Logan around to finally saw her, he just couldn’t stop smiling. It was so great!

We took a lot more photos after that too. I’m always a big fan of these types of sessions because when a couple gets comfortable, the candid moments start happening. Dressed up in their wedding attire, sharing their first look in an intimate setting – this makes the reality of the couple getting married come to life! It’s so fun capturing their love for each other in this way because the moments in between the posed shots really show what their relationship is all about.

Outdoor Bridal Portraits

After the first look session, it was time for Lucy’s outdoor bridal portraits. During those portraits, she just looked so natural! I knew she wanted me to help pose her, but she did a really great job on her own too. And it wasn’t long before the laughter she and Logan bonded over started making its way into the photos. I loved seeing it and getting to capture it for them so they could look back on it together. Check out some of my favorite shots of her below!

In Need Of A Wedding Photographer for your Outdoor Bridal Portraits?

Whether it’s outdoor bridal portraits, a first look session, or any other kind of wedding photography, I’m ready to make it happen for you! I’ll help you, however I can, and together we’ll take some amazing photos that you’ll be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives together. So, let’s get in touch and start making that happen. 

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Robin Kunzler Photo

Dress: Bridal Image

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