Getting Comfortable In Front of the Camera For Your Wedding Day


July 28, 2022

As a wedding photographer, helping people with getting comfortable in front of the camera is a huge part of my job – and I love it! Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and nerves should have no place in messing that up. So if you’re feeling a little camera-shy or awkward, here are my top tips for getting comfortable in front of the camera!

My Top Tips for Getting Comfortable In Front of the Camera For Your Wedding Day

These are some tried-and-true methods to help you get comfortable in the tune-up to your big day!

#1 – Hire a Professional Photographer You Trust

This seems obvious, but the biggest key to getting comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day is to have a photographer who knows what they’re doing! You want to trust the person behind the lens – plus, a good wedding photographer will know exactly how to direct you and set you at ease. 

Don’t hire a family friend who just happens to have a camera, especially if they don’t have wedding experience. Without the right experience, they will have no idea how to pose you and help you feel truly comfortable! 

#2 – Talk to Your Photographer Beforehand

Because your wedding photographer is the biggest key to getting comfortable in front of the camera, their personality is extremely important! When you are looking for a photographer, make sure you actually have a conversation with them before you book.

Whether that conversation is over a zoom call, email, or text – you will want to make sure your photographer’s personality vibes with you. Are they interested in you as a person, instead of just a client?

Do you feel you can trust them with capturing the most important day in your life? Are they willing to answer all the questions you have? Are they excited for your special day? Many wedding photographers will offer Zoom calls or in-person consultations ahead of the booking process, so make sure you ask your photographer for one if you would like! That way, you can get a feel for this person that you’ll be trusting with one of the most important days of your life. If it feels weird or awkward during these conversations, that’s not going to help you with getting comfortable in front of the camera!

So make sure you get along with your photographer before you book!

#3 – Do an Engagement Photo Session with Your Photographer

I know that an engagement photo session is totally optional, but if you want my advice, it’s absolutely worth it! Not only do you get a gorgeous commemoration of this special time in your life – your time as fiancés – but you also get to practice being in front of the camera.

An engagement session with your wedding photographer will help you get to know them! This makes it so on your wedding day you will already be in a super comfortable groove. It also gives you a chance to get used to posing with your love, being directed by the photographer, and just being in front of a camera in general!

If you’re worried about getting comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day, it is such a good idea to book an engagement session first.

#4 – Let Yourself Ignore the Camera

Okay, okay – when you’re nervous, this is easier said than done. But really, this is one of your most cherished memories in the making! It’s a wonderful day, and the more you let yourself relax into enjoying it, the more comfortable you will be (and the better the photos will turn out!).

I think it’s helpful to remember that making the photos look good is literally the photographer’s job. Your job is to be happy! That’s it. That’s all you’ve got to worry about. So, soak in the day and enjoy every moment with the love of your life, the photographer will take care of the rest.

#5 – Focus on Your Spouse

This is really the biggest secret to getting comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. Posing and knowing what to do in a photo shoot can be awkward if you’re standing there by yourself – but for most of your wedding day, you’re side-by-side with the love of your life.

So focus on them! Focus on their eyes, their presence, making them laugh. I love capturing authentic connections between couples, and that happens when two people are lost in each other, not even thinking about the camera. Don’t be afraid to talk, crack jokes, or go in for that kiss. It makes the experience so romantic & fun!

And if one of you is nervous and the other is a little more confident, you can totally follow the other person’s lead.

#6 – Look at Wedding Photos to Get Ideas

Things can feel more awkward or nerve-wracking when we don’t know what to expect – so make sure you have an idea of what wedding photography entails. Look through your wedding photographer’s site to see the kind of posing they do with couples. You can even ask them in advance about the kind of directions they give and the photos they like to take. Knowing what to expect will help you to relax and get comfortable on your wedding day.

Bride and groom sharing an embrace as they smile at each other at a bright, picturesque location, taken by romantic wedding photographer Robin Kunzler

And in the meantime, check out some of my wedding photography for more inspiration – this summer wedding has some really cute poses and shots!

#7 – Choose Comfortable Clothes

It goes without saying, but on your wedding day, you want to feel like a million bucks! Choose clothes that you feel physically comfortable in (it’s a long day!) and also super confident in, too. A pro tip I like to give brides is to bring a pair of flat or low shoes to change into in case your feet get sore halfway through the day. If you’re thinking about your feet hurting, or your veil draping just right, or your dress creasing, or anything like that, it’s going to distract you from being present in the moment. I’d always advise that you go for wedding clothes that you can relax in as much as possible – mentally as well as physically.

And, of course, not only should your outfits be comfortable, but you also want to feel amazing in them. When you feel like you’re looking your best, that’s going to go a long way towards making you feel confident in front of the camera! 

Final Thoughts

I hope this has been a helpful jumping-off-point for you as you work on getting comfy in front of that camera! At the end of the day, getting your picture taken can be such an incredibly joyful experience – especially on your wedding day!

For more tips and tricks – and more gorgeous couples, of course – check out my blog!


Bride looks off into the distance as couple share an embrace, captured by Robin Kunzler Photo; image overlaid with text that reads Getting Comfortable In Front Of The Camera. For Your Wedding Day
Bride looks up at camera as she rests her head on groom's shoulder; image overlaid with text that reads Getting Comfortable In Front Of the Camera For Your Wedding Day

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