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How to Design and Print your Wedding Invitations | Advice from a Utah Wedding Photographer

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January 24, 2023

Choosing the right wedding invitations can be hard. You need to make sure the colors print out right and they will be done and sent out in time! Also, there are so many options for where to print. You need to decide the look you want to go for, and the inserts you would like to include… just to name a few things to think about!

Wedding invitations can be a source of stress for many couples out there, but I’m here to give you some tips on how to succeed with this part of wedding planning!

Camry and Josh had a beautiful wedding invitation and vow books at their wedding

1. Decide on Your Wedding Colors

You must first decide on your wedding colors before designing your invitations. This will allow you to have a starting place when choosing the colors and theme of your invitation!

But, as many brides know (and usually, to many groom’s surprise!) there are thousands of shades of pink out there. So making sure the invites match the right shade of your wedding colors is also important!

That can be hard when certain companies only have a few options for shades and colors. That’s why Basic Invite is super helpful in this scenario. This is because they are one of the few websites that allows customers to choose from almost unlimited color options, while giving instant previews online. Super handy in my opinion!

You can also change the color of the different elements on the invite, not just the background or text! This is an amazing feature, because you want your wedding invitations to look cohesive and thought out it all.

Basic Invite example photo of a Wedding Invitation Flat Lay
photo credit: Basic Invite

2. Choose Other Stationary You May Need

Invitations is just the beginning in the many different options of wedding stationary. Wedding programs, and wedding place cards can be a huge way to elevate the look of your wedding, while also serving your guests by keeping them “in the know” with what is going on, where to sit, etc.

Including an extra card in your stationary order for those you are inviting to the ceremony is a wonderful, formal way to invite your closest family and friends to be there for when you say, “I do”!

Rylee & Josh's Wedding Invitation Flat Lay at their beautiful bear lake wedding

3. Print Samples of your Invitation!

If possible, printing a few before ordering a bulk amount is a great way to test your design and colors. Do you like the feel/thickness of the invitation? Did the colors turn out the way you thought? Do you need more information?

This is also a great way to double check the details you have on your invitation. When my brother and sister in law printed their wedding invitations, they didn’t realize until most invites had been sent out that they put the wrong address for the reception venue! Printing samples to look over can help you fix a problem like that, before printing hundreds and hundreds of invites, wedding programs, or wedding place cards.

Finding a website that allows you to order a printed sample of the physical invitation before placing the final order can be extremely helpful here. This is also why I recommend Basic Invite, they have this option, and make it super simple and easy to do! I also have a 15% off code for you!! Just plug in: 15FF51 at checkout!

Wedding Invitation with other stationary included from Basic Invite
photo credit: Basic Invite

4. Save a Wedding Invitation to be Photographed!

My final tip is to save at least one of your wedding invitations to be photographed by your photographer. Include some fun details like your perfume bottle, jewelry, the ring box, etc. and have those details ready to give to your photographer to set up a flat lay photo. These are some of my favorite shots to create, especially when sentimental details are included. You’ve spent a lot of time making decisions, designing, and sending out your wedding invitations. So why not get a nice photograph to always remember them by?

Wedding Invitation Flat Lay at Courtney and Tess's beautiful fall wedding at the Timbered Rose in Tremonton Utah

If you’d like your wedding details to be photographed like this, don’t hesitate to send in an inquiry form to see if I have your date available! I would love to photograph your special day. ♥️ You can also check out this blog post to see a recent wedding I photographed!

To see more from Basic Invite – check out their Instagram! And don’t forget to use your 15% off code: 15FF51 at checkout! 😊

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