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Western Couple Photos | Lane and Mia’s Snowy Mountain Horse Ride | Robin Kunzler Photo

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February 22, 2023

Lane and Mia were an absolutely blast to shoot with for these western couple photos in the snowy mountains of Logan Canyon! They brought their dogs, Hobbs and Harley, and their horses, Jack and Jolene – which made it an absolute blast!! The weather was cold – because we headed up to the mountains after some snow storms in early November. But, they embraced the weather to the fullest and we created some stunning photos.

Western Couple photos of a couple smiling and flirting with the horses in the snowy mountains of Logan, Utah. Taken by Robin Kunzler Photo.

This adorable couple met while swing dancing in the beginning of 2021. Lane asked Mia to go get ice cream after a dance, and even though she was lactose intolerant, she still agreed to it! They continued to date from there. Going swing dancing, working on Lane’s father’s ranch together, doing homework together, etc. They spent every day together and became inseparable.

western engagement photo of lane and mia in the snow with their horses.

Lane and Mia are all decked out in their favorite western gear, which helped them stay warm too. They look so good in their Justin Boots, Wrangler jackets, cowboy hats, and chaps. They also wore matching Ariat jeans, one of their favorite brands! Check out the gif below I made of them showing off these jeans! 😃

When first getting to know each other, Lane and Mia found out that their relatives actually lived pretty close to each other in New Mexico. Somehow, this couple didn’t meet beforehand. But they definitely realize how small of a world it is after all because of this!

Mia sums up their love story perfectly here, and I wanted to share:

“Lane and I met at country swing dancing in early 2021. We quickly started spending as much time as possible together, and we have been together almost every day since. We found out how small the world really is, when we learned that our families had been good friends for several generations without us ever meeting. It just took me moving 680 miles from home for us to meet…”

“…He taught me to ride horses so that I could participate in the family’s cattle drives and ranch work. We share a love of agriculture, animals, ranching and swing dancing. We are both in school working on degrees in agriculture, while he trains horses and works on the family farm on the side. It’s been a lot of hard work and effort for the best reward of doing it together.”

For the second half of photos, we all rode up the snow-covered road to beautiful tall pines for the most stunning views. I hopped on a horse with my cameras, bag, and everything!! I don’t know many photographers that have done that. The snow is knee deep at the upper location, and made for the perfect final shots for their western couple photos. ♥️

This shoot is also featured in the Western Wedding Magazine, how cool is that?! 🤠

Such a memorable time with such an amazing couple, despite the deep snow, *almost* getting stuck on the way out (haha, that was an adventure), and the cold. It was truly an honor to capture these moments for Lane and Mia in the snowy Logan Canyon mountains. I love getting to adventure with amazing couples like and capturing them together in their element.

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Thank you for reading! Until next time!

with love,

Robin Kunzler

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