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Ogden Temple Wedding | Naomi & Andrew’s First Look and Sealing


July 12, 2023

I can’t wait to tell you more about this gorgeous Ogden Temple wedding for this adorable couple: Naomi & Andrew. The crazy thing is, that when they were kids, Naomi & Andrew lived in the same house… keep reading to figure out how that happened!

Naomi and Andrew are such a fun and loving couple. When you are around them you can just feel so strongly the love that they have for each other. I was truly honored to be a part in telling their love story. It all started when they were kids, they ended up sealing their love at the Ogden Utah Temple, and now in the coming years they will have thousands of memories and lots of love to share.

And lets be honest, they seriously have the cutest “Girl Next Door” type love story…

They first met when they were just young children. They grew up in the same Utah neighborhood in the Layton area, their moms knew each other, and they even went to the same church ward together.

Their family’s were acquaintances/friends, so Naomi and Andrew knew each other when they were little. The day then came when Andrew’s family left the neighborhood and moved away to Idaho. Over the years they did not have any contact with each other. They just continued to grow up and become the amazing people they are today.

After Andrew’s family moved away, Naomi’s family ended up moving too. They however, did not move near as far away. In fact they moved into Andrew’s family’s old house where, over the years her family made it their home. How crazy, and what are the odds, it would be to move into the house that your future spouse lived in!! Definitely not just a coincidence…but absolutely a key part in their absolutely adorable love story.

Well, years went by, and Naomi and Andrew grew up. They both got to the point in their lives where they were ready to find true love. And in this modern world of technology – there are many dating apps out there to to help aid in finding your love. Naomi and Andrew did just this! They joined a dating app, they matched, and they hit it off pretty quick.

When you find the one that was meant for you it definitely just kind of happens like that.

It was not long after they met they that they knew they were meant for each other and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together! They had found their true love and did not want to let it go. I mean they are so cute together as well, how could they not say YES to forever with each other!

Andrew proposed with a beautiful ring from Wilson Diamonds. Naomi and Andrew then started eagerly planning their wedding and as it got closer and closer they got more and more excited for the big day. They chose their wedding colors to be dusty blue and dusty pink, which turned out to look so amazing! They had many family members help out with the planning as well; like Naomi’s mom putting together the flowers and Andrew’s cousin making the cake. They also knew they wanted to be sealed for all time and eternity in the Ogden Utah Temple, because it is such a beautiful temple.

During the wedding planning process they took a day to get away and do a first look and formal bridal session. After much consideration we settled on doing their photos at the Utah State Capital building. Their first look was so sweet with lots of smiles, hugging, and love. When Andrew saw Naomi for the first time in her wedding dress he thought she looked absolutely beautiful and he really loved her dress.

The wedding day finally came, and it was such a perfect and beautiful, May, day at the Ogden Utah Temple. It was mostly overcast, with the sun coming out here and there, making it the perfect spring temple wedding. The temple grounds also had their Tulips in full bloom which made for some really pretty and dreamy photos of them.

Naomi and Andrew had so many family, friends, and loved ones that came to the temple to show their love and support for the newlywed couple. It is such a blessing to have so many loved ones to come out and watch you marry the love of your life.

Naomi and Andrew also had such a fun bridal party! Their bridal party consisted of some of their closest family members and friends. We were able to capture so much personality in each one of the bridal party photos. They definitely made for some fun photos and probably some of my favorite bridal party photos ever! Naomi also wanted to be sure to get some fun individual photos with each of her bridesmaids as well.

Some of their most favorite parts of the day, they told us, were being together enjoying their special day. They also loved sharing the quieter moments of their big day together. I absolutely love this answer that they gave! Your wedding day is all about the love you share with each other and having time in your day where you can be alone to soak up the day is definitely a must.

Naomi and Andrew have seriously such a cute love story and are just the cutest when they are together! Their Ogden Temple Wedding was just so perfect to start their new chapter in their lives together. Now that they are married they are loving life together and think it is the most fantastic thing ever!! Congrats to Naomi and Andrew! 😀

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Thank you for reading! Until next time!

with love,

McCaslin Zilles (author & associate photographer) & Robin Kunzler ♥️

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