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Fun Engagement Photo Ideas | How to make your Engagement Photos Feel Like a Date Night

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September 8, 2023

Did you know that 7 out of 10 couples are nervous about having their engagement photos done? Now, that statistic may not be true for every couple… But I know for a FACT that a lot of couples are nervous about one thing or another for having their engagement photos done. That is why we made this post! – to give you fun engagement photo ideas!

These tips are here to help you not worry about your engagement photos and help you find some fun engagement photo ideas to help you feel excited for your photoshoot!

To start off.. Our best tip to having fun engagement photos is to make it feel like a fun date night with your partner! Your already dressing up nice, leaving for the night together, and trying something new as a couple! Let’s get excited about it!

You may be feeling kind of stuck on how to make that happen, Keep reading! This post is is all kinds of jammed packed full of fun engagement photo ideas, so you look forward to your photo session instead of being stressed about it!

Special Location

The first thing to consider for your engagement photos is going to a special location. This could really be anything! If you have a favorite ‘go to’ spot as a couple, or the place you two met each other for the first time – those would be great ideas. Or, what about the place you had your first date? You could even go back to the place where you got engaged! Just like Grace and Miguel, in the first three photos below, they went back to the place that Miguel proposed to Grace!

And if you are thinking, our “special location spots are not what you would call a typical photoshoot location”, THAT IS OKAY!! Wherever that place may be, it could make for some very fun and unique engagement photos. If this location was at a movie theater, roller rink, or even Chick-fil-A, don’t be shy to ask your photographer about it!!! They would all make for a great engagement photoshoot location. And the best part is, you would be in a place that means a lot to the both of you.

Mini Vacay

Another super fun idea is to go on a little mini vacation. This could be a great way to celebrate your engagement, and get some fun photos in a cool location. Going somewhere could be as big as going somewhere cross country or foreign, or as small as a weekend getaway to somewhere more local. Either way, it’s a fun way to get some fun engagement photos done and spend some time with your partner. One place I will always recommend for this is Bear Lake. (Here is a great website to guide you on a stay at Bear Lake.)

Consider the Wardrobe

The next thing is to think about is what you are going to wear. Think about how you want your date night engagement photos to feel. Do you want a very formal feel, or more of a playful feel, maybe a western feel? A combination? Whatever it is that you are wanting, make sure that your outfit choices match the feel you’re going for.

Here’s some quick tips to consider when choosing outfits for your engagement photos:

  • Wear Something you will be Comfortable & Confident In. If you are not comfortable then it will show in the photos and it will be harder to enjoy the moment.
  • Go with Solid Colors. Solid colors are a great “go to” option when choosing outfits and the camera LOVES solid colors!
  • Avoid Distracting Patterns and Logos. Logos and some patterns (like small stripes) are very distracting and can take away the main focus of the image, YOU! If you include a pattern, make sure your partner doesn’t have a pattern as well.
  • Include Textures. Including different textures in your clothing and choosing items with flowy fabrics, ruffles, and layers (like shown in some of the photos below) can really elevate your photos.
  • Bright & Bold Colors are NOT your Friend. Wearing neon colors just does not photograph well. Take it from us, but wearing dark, light, neutral, and natural colors will make for some stunning photos!
  • Don’t be afraid to Dress it Up. We are a big fan of bringing fun accessories to wear during your photos; things like cowboy hats, an accent necklace, statement earrings, sun hat, belt buckles, the list could go on! This can show your personalities, and can add a lot to the photos.
  • Dress for the Weather. The last thing you want is to be cold and miserable or sweating and hot. Be sure to dress accordingly for what ever Mother Nature brings.
  • Bring a Couple Outfits. Bringing multiple outfits is a sure way to have a fun variety of photos. It is also a great way to incorporate a couple different looks and feels to your engagement session. We recommend one “dressier” outfit, and one “more casual” (but still nice) outfit.
  • Wear your Smiles. It might sound a little bit cheesy but seriously, above all remember your smiles and your love for each other!

Go on an Adventure Together

Another idea for fun engagement photo ideas is to go on a fun adventure in your area. A great way to do this is to just look up, ‘fun things to do in {your location}’ and go and do that for your photos!!

A great example of this is going on a nature walk. Along the way, you could find some really cool things to do and see. Like possibly being able to feed some ducks or fish, skipping rocks, and spending time in nature with the person you love most. Going to the fair or carnival together would also be the perfect date night engagement shoot! You could go on the rides together and share yummy fair food.

Whatever fun adventure you choose, you are sure to get some adorable engagement photos. One of our favorite local nature walk locations is Tony’s Grove in Logan Canyon.

Try a New Activity

Something else that could be really fun to do, is just try something completely new together. This is a great way to bond over doing something different and exciting. Its also a great excuse to do something that you both have on your bucket lists! Some fun examples of this could be going for a hot air balloon ride, going ice skating together, getting hot cocoa, going fishing, or going for a horse trail ride.

The sky is the limit on ideas of things you could do together for a fun, new, and exciting date night engagement photo session!

Do one of your Favorite Activities Together

Something else you could do to have your engagement session feel like a fun date night, is to do an activity that you both love to do. If you love to fish together, then lets include that! Or, if you like going to the arcade together, canoeing on the lake, or roasting s’mores, those could make for such fun photos! Even if it is as simple as washing your vehicle together or reading books at the library. Seriously, whatever the activity may be, I can guarantee the photos will turn out so cute and so special to you! We want you to be happy and excited for your engagement photos. So if bringing along the dirt bikes is going to make you the most happy, then lets bring them to make some super fun engagement photos.

Include Food

Did you ever think about including food or drinks in your engagement session? If not, here is your sign to consider it. Everyone loves food – so why not bring it along to your fun date night engagement photos session! We love the idea of bringing pizza onto the roof top, like Axel & Alecia did in their shoot (pictured below). Or you could set up a blanket on the grass for a picnic. You could even go to your favorite restaurant, soda shop, ice cream place, or coffee shop. If you are wanting a Lux picnic experience here in Utah, be sure to check out Tilly Events Co. They can take care of the food and setup – so you don’t have to stress about getting that ready for your photos! This ensures you to have a fun little date night with your partner. And you don’t leave hungry!

Bring along the Furry Friends

Another fun idea to do for your engagement photos is to bring along your pets and animals. After all, they are a part of the family. If you guys have adopted a dog together, or own horses, or maybe you have some Highland Cows, bring them along to the shoot! The couple with the golden retriever pictured below, Tanvi & Sumanth, really understood the assignment – they brought their dog Chai (who even has his own Instagram page!) to their engagement shoot. As mentioned before, you probably already consider them family, so why not have them included in some of your engagement photos. And lets be honest, they make for some really cute photos!

Fun Props

Something else that’s fun to include in your engagement photos are props and things that are special to you. This could honestly be anything! You could include your truck in some of your photos, or if you have any sentimental items, that would be a great as well. For example – for my engagement photos I wore one of my mom’s shirts, to make it feel like she was there celebrating with us (she had passed away about seven months prior). You could also pop some champagne (or Martinelli’s, if that is more your speed) and make a toast to your future together!

Just have Fun and Forget the Camera

One of the most important ways to make your photos feel like a date night is to have fun with each other and forget the camera is even there. Now, this may sound easier said then done. But try to just be goofy, fun, and playful with your partner. Act like you normally would together. Just because you are getting your photos taken don’t mean that you need to change how you are together. Act natural and like yourselves!! Also, any experienced photographer should include fun prompts for your and your partner to do. This helps to make your photos feel more fun, and it helps you to forget that there is a camera there.

Embrace the Weather

When ‘bad weather’ hits it should not put a damper on your engagement photos. Whatever the weather is that you are blessed with on the day of your engagement photos, embrace it! If it is sunny and 75 enjoy the sun. When the sky starts down pouring with rain, embrace the rain and pretend you are in that scene in The Notebook. On those wintery days, snuggle up a little closer to each other. If you are expected to experience the not-so-most-ideal-weather for your engagement shoot, be sure to bring some props to embrace the weather. These props could be things like an umbrella or a blanket. And remember to let the photos, and love, come sun, rain, or snow.

Listen to Music

Listening to music is another super fun way to to have a fun date night experience during your engagement photos. Sit down and create a playlist with some your favorite songs. Include ones that get you moving and grooving. Katie & Alec, who are in some of the photos below, created a playlist they wanted played during their engagement session. It was 100% worth it for the fun photos that came of it! Some photographers have a portable speaker they bring along to shoots, so check in about that beforehand. Having a way to play some of you and your partners favorite songs during the shoot is a great way for you two to feel at ease and have fun!

Find the Right Photographer

Another thing you may want to consider when you are planning your engagement photos, is to find the right photographer for you. You want to make sure your photographer truly cares about you and what you want for your session. Also be sure that they are someone you can trust and feel comfortable around. You’ll be sharing some pretty special moments with them. Finding the right photographer will also ensure that whatever fun engagement photo ideas you want to include will be accounted for and documented!

Be sure you do your research when looking for a photographer. Find someone that you will be happy with what they have to offer you. If you do take the time to find the right photographer, you will feel so much more relaxed and confident when they’re taking your photos. It will also help you feel much more excited for your engagement photos!

Remember that you are In Love

The last thing to mention is to remember why you are doing your engagement photos… because you are IN LOVE! Whatever you may decide to do, and no matter which fun engagement photo ideas you choose to include during your photo session, just remember you are documenting you and your partner’s love. Above all, if you remember nothing else from this post, just remember to focus on each other and remember the love you share for each other.

These tips are here to help you not worry about your engagement photos and help you find some fun engagement photo ideas to help you feel excited for your photoshoot! To start off.. Our best tip to having fun engagement photos is to make it feel like a fun date night with your partner! Your already dressing up nice, leaving for the night together, and trying something new as a couple! Let's get excited about it!

That’s truly the most important part. This is a special moment of your life, and capturing these photos (while making it fun!!) will be cherished by you and your partner for years and years to come.

If you would like to check out more blogs like this, click HERE! You can also book a session like this with me by clicking HERE to go to my inquiry form! 😊

Thank you for reading! Until next time!

with love,

McCaslin Zilles (author & associate photographer) & Robin Kunzler ♥️

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